Craft has always, as long as I can remember been in my life.

My parents were always creative so my sister and I were surrounded by their fascination and watched as they made pottery, jewellery, rescued old furniture and also attended auctions in their search for interesting items to add to their collections.

My father introduced me to silver work, but my fascination in gemstones came, I think initially, from my love of colour and how it makes me feel.

I talk about how my interest in gemstones started in the sound clip on the Home page, but there is so much more to say.

Stones! There are just so many to choose from. So what draws us to a particular one?

Is it the light refraction causing a flash of another colour, the match of our eyes, the shape whether angular or round, the smoothness of the stone, that we've been told that this is our birthstone, or is it just simply that it makes us feel good?

To invest in a gemstone necklace is just that, an investment. A possible heirloom.

A treasure. A giver of compliments. Lots of good memories. And most of all unique to the wearer therefore very personal and easy to wear.

More later... Barbara